Access channel



From Vung Tau anchorage point (Buoy 0) to Saigon Port through Long Tau

  • Pilot boarding position: 10o20'N - 107o03'E

  • Channel Length: 85km, Depth: -8.5m, Draft: 11m

  • Tidal regime: irregular semi-diurnal. Average range: 3.0m

  • Location of terminals in HCMC area: 10o50'N - 106o45'E.

  • Max size acceptable: 32,000 DWT (wharf side draft limit 11m)

  • (60,000 DWT at Thieng Lieng buoy berth, -13.5m depth)
  • Terminal location in Mekong Delta:10o03'N - 105o42'E via Dinh An estuary.