Saigon Port within the port system of the Vietnam Maritime sector is one output port and unloading capacity of the National Top.

With over 150 years of history, has made outstanding achievements contribute to the economic development of the country, Saigon Port has been the President awarded the title Hero of Labor of the outstanding achievements from 1986 1995, contributed to the cause of building socialism and national defense.

Activities cater to broad areas including the City area. HCM, the neighborhood and the Mekong Delta with a total annual output of goods more than 10 million tons, Saigon Port role and mission critical service needs for import, export and economic development in general for the entire Southern region of the country.

Under the policy of the State and the industry, Saigon Port has been the support of the authorities and the community to create favorable conditions for developing further and maintain its active role in the region and around world.

With this orientation, Saigon Port hope to receive the support and cooperation of the customer more for the common good. These requests and suggestions of the customers is always the motivation for Saigon Port improvement and development in order to serve customers better. 

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