Mission target


SAIGON PORT be open from February 22, 1860, to April 1963 - after the Treaty of Saigon (05-06-1862) by Napoleon III and King Tu Duc approval - is formally under the control of French state under the name of Saigon Commercial Port.

Ham Nghi Area: 4 km along the right bank of the Saigon River with 3 berths for inland vessels. 
Area Rong (old location) along Tau Hu river with 3 berths for foreign vessels. 
Khanh Hoi Area: 1:25 km long with 11 berths for foreign vessels. 
Fish Market Area: 3 berths and 2 berths.

From July 25, 1975, Saigon Commercial Port was renamed New Saigon Port as decided by the General Directorate of the sea. Saigon Port has a total area of ​​475,000 m2, 3 and unload with a length of piers: 
- Ben Nha Rong (428 m) 
- Ben Khanhhoi (1,264 m) 
- Ben Tan Thuan (866.5 m) 
and many mooring buoys along the river banks.

Through several stages of development, today, Saigon Port is an international port, the main port of South Vietnam. The total surface area of ​​500,000 m2 terminal 5 (passenger ships, Nha Rong Khanh Hoi, Tan Thuan, Tan Thuan 2 and Port PFS) with a 3,000 m quay, 30 buoys and 280,000 m2 of warehousing.


Sustainable development as the country's leading port, the main maritime gateway of Vietnam go to countries in the region and around the world. 
- Improved service standards compared to other ports in the region 
- Development and exploitation of deep-sea port as national strategic port in Southern Vietnam

International relations

Members of the International Association of Ports (IAPH). 
- Members of the Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA)

- Member of the VPA participate in the activities of the ASEAN Ports Association (APA).

- The twinned Port: Zhanjiang (China), Osaka (Japan), Los Angeles (USA).

The tradition of Saigon Port

With a long history of development, Saigon Port has confirmed the traditional activities and devote its fine for the benefit of customers and thereby contribute to the economic development of the country. 
With excellent mission and dedication of port efficiency to the economic development of the country, Saigon Port has been awarded the Government of Hero of Labor. 
June 5 was chosen as the traditional day of Saigon Port. This date was chosen to commemorate the day Uncle Ho's trip to the country in 1911 at the Saigon Port.